Psychotherapy Overview

Only a skilled clinician can provide individual counseling sessions.  Psychotherapists are mental health professionals that have completed several years of formal education and training and at least 3000 hrs of supervised clinical training. They work with individuals with mental health challenges ranging from depression to psychotic disorders.  Therapy is not life coaching.  Therapists are able to diagnose, make recommendations for a level of care and provide therapy sessions for an extended period of time until treatment goals are accomplished. 

During your first appointment, the therapist will gather important information from you.  You will be assessed and then the therapist will work with you to identify personalized treatment goals.  

The length of therapy sessions and the duration of overall therapy depends on what the individual wants to work on and the severity of the individual's symptoms. 


Individual Therapy $100.00 / Session

Couple / Martial Therapy $125.00 / Session