My name is Darlene M. Scott, CEO & Founder of Basic Bliss Life Coaching & Counseling, and I would like to personally welcome you to my website!

I'm invested in living life to the fullest, understanding what helps people reach their full potential and what makes businesses thrive.  My background is in clinical psychology, my passion is counseling, coaching, training, mentoring and investing in others. 

As a coach, counselor and mentor, my mission is to change lives for the better, to inspire, encourage and empower.  I synthesize traditional psychological interventions with spirituality, mindfulness and creative visualization to help my clients experience emotional and physical healing! 

I enjoy working one-on-one executives.  I love empowering business owners and leaders to feel confident and to tap into the potential that I know that they have!   I also have a rich background in entertainment management and public relations and use all of my experience to give my clients the confidence that they need to succeed.      

I enjoy music, traveling, writing, teaching, coaching, mentoring and working with individuals that are striving to meet educational goals and career goals.