Executive Coaching and Personal Branding

Executive Coaching For entrepreneurs

Photo credit: essence.com

Photo credit: essence.com

Basic Bliss Executive Coaching and Personal Branding services offers small business owners, coaches, counselors, entrepreneurs and corporate leaders reliable and strategic business coaching.  We can help with public relations, personal branding and increasing your confidence.  Our primary goal is to help you to gain clarity, eliminate distractions, challenge fears, increase motivation, improve morale, increase productivity and stay dedicated to your personal vision.

Whether you are just getting started or have been in business for several years, you and/or your senior management team can benefit from executive coaching. 

Executive Coaching can also help you to grow and to develop your team.  Your team needs uplifting and positive support. We can teach you how to have executive presence, how to delegate, how to refocus and eliminate limiting thoughts.

Average Number of Sessions: 3 - 10

What you'll learn: 

* learn how to inspire and motivate people
* learn how to stay motivated and focused
* learn to delegate
* how to effectively communicate with groups
* learn how to use your body language to convey leadership
* feel more confident and close more deals
* learn how to influence others without manipulation